Sunday, 8 August 2010

Style Icon: Tim Wonnacott

Now let me just put this out there, I don't watch a whole lot of daytime TV (or TV in general) due to a rather busy daily schedule that I admit is brought on by my attitude as an extreme workaholic.

However, whilst convalescing after a recent illness I found myself with a new love for Bargain Hunt. Yes, it's the type of thing your parents and grandparents indulge in along with Antiques Roadshow and the news but I admit that I have been known to watch a few episodes of Bargain Hunt, OK? You never know, the knowledge you acquire might just tip the odds in your favour if you ever find yourself antiques hunting at car boot sales...

The pretty things and exciting auction room banter (... work with me here) are all very well and in all honesty there wouldn't really be much of a programme without them. However, I believe I have discovered a new style icon in the form of Tim Wonnacott.

Originally replacing the sometimes questionably coloured form of David Dickinson on the show with an initial 30 show contract, he has now pres
ented over 350. Tim is probably the only person on this earth able to wear separate blue, pink and yellow garments together and get away with it and I love his trademark bow tie and waist coat combo. His eccentricity makes him a modern day dandy!



  1. A bit of a Wonnacott fan myself (after finding we have a school in common), I really enjoyed reading this.

  2. why is he not on Bargain Hunt just now please .