Friday, 6 August 2010

One To Watch: Warm Pixie


Now is the time of year when we fashion followers start thinking ahead to our Autumn/Winter wardrobes. "In August?" people say, "are you mad?! It's the middle of summer!" Well considering that this week, high end department store and home to all our favourite labels, Selfridges unveiled its range of festive decorations, I would say that planning for your wardrobe's next six months is a rather sensible idea!


So plan I shall and knitwear is one of the main staples of the A/W wardrobe, along with hat hair and mittens, lots of mittens. However, knitwear is a tr
icky area for many reasons. First, the changing fortunes of the British weather can prove problematic: thick or thin knit? Angora or Merino? Then there's the style, choose the wrong one and you risk looking like an extra from Last Of The Summer Wine.


Fear not friends, for I have found the perfect solution: Warm Pixie. The young, British knitwear brand headed by designer Vicky Shelsher has already made a huge impact on the industry, now boasting three concessions at Topshop. "I've been designing for years and while I was on maternity leave I thought I'd just knock up a quick knitwear collection and see if anyone likes it, and Topshop took it," reveals Shelsher.


Warm Pixie has had rave reviews from an impressive number of national publications such as Fabulous magazine recently, and it's easy to see why. The good quality fine knits Shelsher uses, combined with her quirky design skills make this brand a sure fire success. A little bit edgy and very high quality, her creations are perfect for the unpredictability of the British winter and are topped off by little extras such as shoulder detail and skyline silhouettes. If you want something different this winter, look to Warm Pixie for fun, beautifully made pieces.


Warm Pixie Quickfire Quiz

What does Warm Pixie stand for?

It stands for young, it stands for quality, style and fun. What we don't do is cheap and tacky and nasty.

What look do you aim for?

I would say we are relaxed-cool, a little bit girlie.

What makes Warm Pixie stand out from all the rest?
It's unusual, I don't think anybody is doing good quality knitwear that's got character.

How did you get the name?
Pixie has been a nickname for years and then when we were looking for the brand name we just thought it needed a bit of something else. We thought that Warm Pixie sounded cute!

Make sure you check out Warm Pixie for all the latest additions and the summer sale at


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