Friday, 13 August 2010

One To Watch: Cecilia Hammarborg: Gun and Sparrow

I was at the Pure London Trade Show recently and whilst looking through the handy map I was given (Yes, I am a geek and yes, I do plan my visits but Pure is HUGE! Even with a map and a couple of trade shows under my belt I still get lost!) I stumbled across the brand Gun & Sparrow.

As my closest friends know, there is often no explaining my thought processes and this time round, it was no different. I just liked the name, hadn't heard of the brand before and thought "what the hell, why not eh?" So off I toddle and after a good ten minutes and several unintentional laps of the hall, I arrive at Cecilia Hammarborg's stall.

As soon as I set eyes on the stand I was in love. I am a huge fan of quirky and unusual prints and new ideas (as you have probably gathered) and fell completely in lust with Cecilia's trademark Gun & Sparrow print. I am also a big fan of coats - I have a not-so-secret wish list of various outerwear garments I aim to acquire over my fashion lifetime - and the beautiful, skillful and simple cut of Cecilia's collection for Urban Outfitters are some of the best I've seen.

"Cecilia Hammarborg is based on the concepts of Ethics, Style, Simplicity and Quality. Made for strong independent women who want to embrace their femininity and our future," says the press release. I was sold even before her mission statement! The fact that Cecilia uses her Gun & Sparrow print throughout the collection gives it a cool and funky edge, making it accessible to everyone who loves fashion. I think we will be seeing more great things from this brand for the foreseeable future.

To see Cecilia Hammarborg's creations for yourself, go to

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